Spring coming and flowers to eat

In ancient times it was widely used by us, while today this habit has disappeared. If you want to try to enrich your dishes, here is the list of flowers that you can use, with a sweet and delicate taste:



  1. Angelica: the taste is reminiscent of liquorice. This flower can present itself in different varieties, from pink to blue.
  2. Chamomile: in addition to being used for the preparation of the homonymous drink, chamomile can be used to give a sweet note. Try, for example, to flavor biscuits or cakes.
  3. Leaves: the  taste of anise of the little white flowers should be tried out. Better to add them at the end of cooking so as not to disperse the delicate taste.
  4. Citrus: this family includes grapefruit flowers, lime, oranges and so on. They are very sweet and give off a really strong scent, so they should be used in small quantities to not completely cover the taste of the dish.
  5. Fennel: in addition to eating the plant, you can also use yellow flowers that recall the taste of licorice.
  6. Garofano: embellish gardens and balconies and in addition the flowers are sweet and colorful, all to eat. Jasmine: among the flowers that can be eaten we find also jasmine. It can enrich the flavor of biscuits and cakes, as well as being notoriously used for drinks and infusions.
  7. Hyssop: here is another plant with a characteristic sweetish taste reminiscent of licorice and aniseed. Violet flowers are also beautiful to see.
  8. Rosa: everyone will have at least once eat rose petals. Do you know that taste becomes more decisive when the color is darker?



Before start, make sure that it is organic products, absolutely not treated with pesticides; wash them well and consume few quantities, to avoid the risk of allergic reactions. Remember to eat only the petals.