About us


‘Mediterranean Experience’ project was inspired from the ingrowned passion for food and history of old fashioned cooking


The idea was born after a diary dated 1865 was found, the owner was an aristocratic woman from Salerno area in Italy.


The first page reads: “I learnt how to cook from a Monzù chef, as I was the youngest of nine sister, having an old fashioned dad.”

‘Monzù’ is a Neapolitan word, from French Monsieur (sir), used in old times to label professional chefs who cooked for aristocratic families in the south of Italy.

It is from the discovery of that diary, that we were able to read between recipes and aneddotes, and put together the pieces to reconstruct the history of this aristocratic family, where the links between events were always found at the dinner table.


All the old fashioned recipes in the diary were then taken to our days and packed in our boxes, just for you to experience the old fashioned mediterranean taste! That’s how our foodboxes were born. Each foodbox is a kit made for you to be able to recreate at home those typicall tastes: a family meal that includes an appetiser, a main pasta dish and a dessert. You can purchase our foodboxes in the SHOP section of our website and, as sharing it appears to be the main rule of old fashioned Italian dining, we are in the process to create purchase groups.


Joining a GAS (Gruppo di Acquisto Solidale – Purchase Group) means joining a group of people who love quality food and want to join our smart purchases groups to save money.

This way is based on a group leader, who communicates with Mediterranean Experience and send the order for the whole group. Shipping will arrive at one address indicated by the group leader, who then will distribute the goods to the other member of the GAS.

Are you a customer?

Why not organising a GAS with friends and family to save on shipping costs? Send us an e-mail for details!

Do you own a restaurant or pub?

Join our GAS membership! Your restaurant will then become a collection point for all the members of your group. For each order, you will get some free products from us. Send us an e-mail for details!